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Patsie McCandless

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Patsie McCandless is an educator, award-winning artist, musician, wife, mother and grandmother. She is the author of the novel Becoming Jesse ~ Celebrating the Every Day Magic of Childhood. Her thirty years as a primary school teacher helped to infuse all her work with the joys of childhood.

Light Lessons: Take a Chance

Patsie McCandless - Author, Artist, Imaginator: TAKE A CHANCE: When you are faced with something brand new, it can feel scary. But that’s just your habit energy talking. Habit Energy likes to feel comfy-cozy. Whereas CHANGE feels  - unexpected, unpredictable! And yet CHANGE is the [...]

Light Lessons: Enough

Patsie McCandless - Author, Artist, Imaginator: ENOUGH Are you surrounded by mountains of things? Stress-making things? Wondering how to stop? Stop - looking for the grass that only seems greener. Look at YOU -  and APPRECIATE little old YOU. YOU are more than enough! [...]

Light Lessons: Thank You

Two simple words, very often said out of habit, and very often said without giving a second thought. Yet the power of gratitude is undeniable. Maya Angelou once declared: “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” Song: Thank you very [...]

Light Lessons: Lucky

In my novel, Becoming Jesse, old Mac gives little Jesse a special traveling coin, and says, “…it always brought me the best of luck.” Jesse was confused. “But you - and Dearie – always told me, There is no luck.” “Oh, right-cha are. Right-cha are. [...]