Patsie McCandless

Patsie McCandless

About Patsie McCandless

Patsie McCandless is an educator, award-winning artist, musician, wife, mother and grandmother. She is the author of the novel Becoming Jesse ~ Celebrating the Every Day Magic of Childhood. Her thirty years as a primary school teacher helped to infuse all her work with the joys of childhood.

Light Lessons: FUN

The little boy asked his grandfather, ‘When did you grow old?’ The wrinkled mouth answered, ‘I think, when I forgot how to play.’“ Song: Are you havin' any fun? What’re y'gettin' out o' livin'? What good is what you've got If you're not [...]

Light Lessons: Joy

I saw her toddling to the playground. Climbing, impetuously, one little step at a time. And when she got to the tippity-top, she squealed! And slid-down! Laughing! Burbling! In JOY! Song Joy to the world All the boys and girls! Joy to the laughter and [...]