Patsie McCandless


Becoming Jesse”

Artwork by
Patsie McCandless

PaperSolo no paint – no pen – no ink
only layers of exquisite paper
pencil / pen & ink

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Stirring every day magic, wisdom and wonder into a tale of discovery,

Becoming Jesse tells the story of a six-year-old orphaned boy of comic charm, simplicity, and soul-lighting wisdom.

Jesse O’Neil lives in 1950s New York City with his beloved grandmother – Dearie – a once-upon-a-time Irish gypsy, who runs her own theater; and his young uncle Conor, who is studying to be an actor.

Filled with shenanigans, drama and mystery, Jesse’s young life swirls through a melting pot of apartment characters: an enchanting old storyteller, a jolly Tugboat captain, a spiteful old lady, playful children, and an unsavory character, who smells of trouble.

​​Theater, music, classic literature and gypsy storytelling play their parts to the hilt, as Jesse’s quest finds the true meaning of blessings, fulfillment, and the magic of our inner light.

  • "This book is sure to become a new classic. The characters come to life, like old friends you just can't wait to visit."

  • "Becoming Jesse is a creation of new and very rich words; a very imaginative way into magic and wonder."

  • "This tale of Becoming Jesse is wholesomely addictive."

  • "Oh, I don’t want to ever finish Becoming Jesse! I could keep reading it forever and ever. Day after day, just like Jesse lives day-by-day in imagination and inspiration inside his wondrous ‘glintaling’ inner lights."

  • "Becoming Jesse has so much action, color and light... all woven into a great tale. Thank you for warming my soul."

Patsie McCandless