World Creativity & Innovation Week -Patsie McCandless, LightLessons Speaker

You are a Creative

Creative. It is who you are. For you are pure energy. Think of the sun – every star – creating endless heat and Light. As a human being, you are the perfect interface of physical flesh-and-bones, and the pure, creative, star-light energy that YOU apply in all your creations.

Physicist have long told us this. Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan knew that we are the stuff of stars. Truly. Earthlings and Stars share the same atoms: calcium – nitrogen – iron – carbon.

You and the stars are the energy of Light moving through the Universe. In the pages of my novel, Becoming Jesse, the storyteller explains:

… together you and the stars are the brightest, the shiniest of everything in the Universe.

“It’s Life. Light. In you. Becoming. Moment by moment.”

 You Begin from Creativity

You and your body pulse with this eternal energy: it is the Light pulsing within you – in every heartbeat and in every brain synapse. Your conception, growth, birth, and more growth all begin with you. Your body grows, heals, and performs as you direct it.

Most especially when you are aligned with your Light. It is your energy and power at its best.

Ingenious! Innovative!

You are inventive because that is what your Energy is. It’s electric. Always there when you plug into it from your physical being. And you create with every thought… with your human electric energy – your own Light. Your earth journey is more alight than you  realize.

When you let yourself shine with your Light, you are in alignment with your very best energies. This is when new ideas flow effortlessly and you fulfill your dreams and projects easily. Your energy has no limits, unless you limit yourself.  Energy and You equal creation and innovation at its best.

You are all about Creative Growth

In every single little moment you are creating yourself. Here on earth you began your physical journey as one tiny, microscopic cell. You developed all your 5 senses – and even have a 6th sense that intimately and intrinsically knows your Light energy. The trillions of cells that make up your brain and your body all continue to grow and develop with your direction. And everything – everything – in your body is connected in one splendid creation.

And you don’t stop there! You create like a fantastic thriver!

Such astounding, grand growth! Magnificent creating!

Accept and Appreciate Your Creative Light

You are a born creator and innovator. Right now – at this very moment – this is still who you are!

It’s time for you to accept that you are a powerful, Light-filled creative. Appreciate that you have an enormous gift, and you can offer it everywhere you be. Begin again – to come out of the dark ages and into your own renaissance of light.

I like to say: You are not one year old – or 5, or 10 or seventy years old. Nope! You are one year NEW! More creations, more innovations are still ahead of you!

Your Creative Abilities

At your birth you are filled with a Light – a Magic – that validates all your creative abilities:

You are born with insatiable curiosity: looking, listening, touching, tasting, smelling – taking in the world around you by using and refining all your senses.

From infancy you learned to reach, roll over, sit up, stand up, walk, talk – always absorbing your mistakes, knowing that failure only means “not yet”. You get to try and try again and find ultimate success!

Your body developed like a little Greek god – full of grace and strong, accomplished fluidity.

You welcomed puzzles and mysteries: new foods, stacking measuring cups, hearing and moving to amazing music.

Through all this, you innately used your logical, scientific left brain combined with your imaginative, artistic right brain… and created your first step, your first word, your first question.

Where Did It Go?

You are deserving of all this excitement. But there is something very odd that happens as you grow up: by age 21, you – all of us – have for the most part let all these miraculous, Magic qualities drop away. They are missing in action.

I say this is odd, because we need our magic just as much in our adult years. And most certainly, we need our inner Light in these challenging times of lockdowns. Times of darkness. But for most adults, it is more challenging than ever to keep your Light shining. On top of that, adults are the role models for children – so if your Light is not shining, it is highly unlikely that your child’s Light is shining.

That is why I say: Let’s reclaim your Light! It is your birthright. It is who you really are! Re-ignite!


So, why tell you all this?

Because I want you to remember who you really are. Remember your Light. Shine your Light.

Yes, the world has changed. You have changed.

I happen to believe that in this world, people can change for the better  – especially when they have their Light on – their Light of creativity and innovation.

And once you claim that, others see – and feel – your Light. They want more Light. And you can shine your Light into this world and change it for the better.

It is always thus:

the people who think they can change the world

are the ones that actually do!

And believe it or not – that includes YOU! You and Your Creative – Innovative Light!

You First

This is all about the people who Light up themselves first – and then they Light up the people around them – and next thing you know, they Light up the world!

This is how the world moves forward.

It’s what you are about.

It is you – creative YOU – touching your soul. And your soul touching the souls of other human beings.


Learn… more… and more!

Register for the United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Week:

Dates: April 14 – 21, 2021

Patsie McCandless:

  • speaker: “Roadmap out of the dark into the Light
  • date & time slot: Saturday, April 17,  1 pm


Your Light: the first place you want to go.

Light On!