Peace of Mind: Light Lessons

Finding Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind may be hard to find, when your world is spinning-spinning-spinning. When it feels chaotic or rackety or boisterous.

At these times, life seems to speed up so much, that you feel the spinning inside you – making you feel irritated, vexed, exasperated, and nothing seems to turn out the way you want.

A Hiatus

This is the time you need to pause, take a hiatus just for you. Go find the tranquil, serene place inside of you. A quiet place of your own, where you just breathe. Breathe. Deeply. Slowly. Breathe.

Step into Peace of Mind

Leave the room where all the noise is. Go to your quiet space.

Find your token of calm – perhaps in the smooth serenity of a small stone. Or you may light a candle – and gaze at the steady flame. Maybe you will see clarity in a small crystal, or gaze at the vast sky outside your window.


There is peace in the rhythms of Nature. See the birds flying free through the great vault of sky. Feel that you are free. At night-time, view the hush of the night sky. Feel that you are hushed and calm.

The Gifts in Peace

This inner peace brings you gifts you may have forgotten: accepting and allowing; being respectful of yourself and others; caring for yourself and others; remembering your gentle thoughtfulness and understanding; feeling confident, even courageous.

Your greatest gift to yourself lies in simply slowing down. Appreciating. Accepting. Allowing.

Magic in Peace of Mind

I like to talk about our everyday magic. This peaceful place is where you remember your magic – in all the quiet or surprisingly delightful things – in your life. They are already there. Waiting for you. All becoming… like you.

It is just as Becoming Jesse notes as he experiences the transformation of a ferocious storm: “… the wild rain had turned to snow – falling gently, like soft dandelion seeds blowing in autumn. Like tiny parachutes drifting in slow motion.” All transforming. All Becoming.


You can practice your peacefulness outdoors or inside. You can sit, or stand or walk in this space. It’s your space.

The important part is to PRACTICE EVERY DAY – breathing in and out – calm down, serenity up.

The hectic, rackety and boisterous in your life will fade away, as you BE peaceful and easy. The peace of your quietly happy heart radiates in your smile and the touch of your hands. Then the peace of YOU warms and gentles all around you. It’s your magic!

Keen & serene, jellybean!