Patsie McCandless – Author, Artist, Imaginator:

Halloween Lights:

There is such Halloween fun in BECOMING JESSE, when, much like the Covid Virus today, a rainstorm kyboshes Trick-or-Treating. Yet Jesse finds more ways to have Halloween fun: like the Fun House Mirror – crazy – dizzying!

Jesse inspires – inspires families to carve out new, fun ideas for a ‘together’ Halloween: from a relay race with a ping-pong Eyeball to a race with a ghostly balloon on a paper plate; Halloween BINGO with candy corn markers, solving code riddles for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Lastly, you can quiet the Gremlins with story time.

The Halloween chapter in BECOMING JESSE is screaming good fun!

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Trampoline your Halloween –

with… your… 

Light On!