Calm Your Mind: Light Lessons

Calm You – Calm Mind

Calm you – calm mind. No? No calm for you? Only rattles of unrelenting, stressful noise? It’s time to take charge of your mind. How to find your quiet is in paying attention to – and pre-thinking –  the quiets in your day.

When our Grands visit, there is rambunctious noise for sure. Oh that giddy, boisterous laughter!  Yet, there are many times of quiet, too. Between the squeals and shouts, the quiet moments are there. It helps to remember – and pre-plan – all the different spaces and places of calm. You find it when you look and listen, and instigate calm with your own calm. It is in the places where you appreciate and allow them.

Begin with Tranquility

Calm you: calm your mind appropriately, from your sleep. Calm begins in the quiet dawn of your still sleeping home.

The first trace of tranquility is pure serenity. That Light. All yours. The light spreading softly through the sky. We have doves cooing outside the window. Perhaps you hear a twittering of birds, flitting through the branches. You stir in your silent covers, breathe deeply, and appreciate this hushed moment of awakening.

Share Your Calm

Keep the calm in your mind as you pad down the hall and peek into the bedroom there.

Whisper “Good Morning” to yawning children, dusting sleep from their eyes. Snuggle with their placid warmth. Help them arise to greet the morning: making the bed, brushing little teeth, washing little faces, putting on little clothes… all in quiet greetings of the day.

All Day Quiets

Look for the tranquility of your calm mind all through your day.

Breakfast spoons, faintly clacking in cereal bowls. Music, playing quietly in the next room. Coloring with favorite crayons. Puzzling. Building with blocks or Legos. Playing hide-and-seek on tip-toes. Imagining you are invisible!

Puffing couch pillows and burrowing into them. Hushes of Don’t wake the baby. Cuddling on the couch. Reading the next chapter.

Sitting on the steps. Tying shoes. Buttoning coats. Out walking. Meeting a new dog. Stand. Still

Weather: Seeing the sun dappling through the trees. A first snowflake. Rain dribbling down the window.

Night-time quiets. Holding your breath under bathwater. Luxuriating in bubbles. Story time wonders. Finding the first star. Making a wish.

Under the covers with Theodore bear. Lullaby. A hand rubbing your back. Goodnight kisses.

Ahh, the quiet of your sleeping home.

“The rim of the world puts the sun to bed and wakes it in the morning. All the while, you sleep and dream.” (Becoming Jesse) Hush-sshhh!

Practice & Plan

Practice envisioning and breathing-in this quiet. Find quiet music, quiet books, quiet activities – indoors and out – to intersperse when the natives are restless. Feel the quiet calm. You create it – from within the realm of your quiet.

It’s a quiet diet!