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“Let yourself glow.” © Patsie McCandless

Patsie shares her stories, maxims and mantras in an engaging
presentation of her wise and wonderful new novel,
~ Becoming Jesse ~
Celebrating the Everyday Magic of Childhood.
Delightful and practical, Patsie is known as a shining, inspiring thought-leader, with an astonishing way of translating her creativity and life experiences, from thirty years as a primary school teacher, an author, artist, musician, wife, mother and grandmother. Patsie presents common sense, real-life practices to help parents – and grandparents – and teachers – and anyone who loves a child – to re-ignite the magical bond in their relationship with a child.

Patsie McCandless ~ TEDxTalk ~Saving the Magic of Childhood
~ Cell phone addiction rewiring our children’s brains
~ How to safely use cell phones
~ How to bring back the magic between parent & child

1. The addictive smartphone is re-wiring your child’s brain: How to wean your children from digital devices into more NOW moments.
2. How much radiation can your child take? The ‘charged’ issue of electromagnetic fields in all tech devices, and how to ‘Pivot’ into safety.
3. Is it A-D-D… or D-D-O? (Digital Device Overload): How to prevent meltdowns and help children focus – ‘You Choose’ behaviors – without drugs.
4. The Selfie-Society: Find the antidote to self-absorbed kids that transforms them into healthy, happy, ‘Light-on!’ children.
5. Changing social media one word at a time: How we can uplift by deliberately choosing our best words with the ‘Rule of Tongue’ .
6. Baby Face: Engaged or detached, loving or angry, laughing or scowling. Your face connects you & your baby. Which face are you choosing?
7. Turning around the hissy-fit: the ‘T-H-I-N-K’ secret to helping your child (and you) pivot out of a no-good-miserable-very-lousy day… into a grand-delightful-very-happy day!
8. Are the challenging teen years pushing your buttons? Remember three simple steps – ‘Imprints’ – you already have to lovingly connect and bond with your teen.

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