Patsie McCandless – Author, Artist, Imaginator:


I am thrilled to announce that Becoming Jesse – Celebrating the Everyday Magic of Childhood – is the winner of both the FAMILY CHOICE AWARD & the MOM’S CHOICE AWARD!

 The esteemed Family Choice Magazine Group noted, “the creativity and extraordinary imagination in Becoming Jesse amazed our distinguished judges and staff. We want to express our gratitude to Patsie McCandless for her sincere commitment in making a positive impact on families.”

And the CEO of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award, Dawn Matheson, wrote, “Becoming Jesse is fueled by a passion to make a better world. It merits a place on our list of the best in family-friendly books in which parents and educators can feel inspired and confident.”

 It is exciting to feel Jesse going out into the world, shining his fun, beautiful, uplifting Light in a book for all ages. A book that motivates families to close the video screens and gather round for a beguiling read-aloud story.

Your magic is waiting for you!

Great Glory – here’s your story!

Light On!