Patsie McCandless – Author, Artist, Imaginator:

Celebrate the Light in December Darks:

The Winter Solstice – December 21 – is our longest day of darks. Yet for thousands of years people have celebrated the Light in holidays and Festivals of Light from Christmas and Hannukah to Kwanza, Santa Lucia and the Chinese New Year. Altogether, they remind us that the sun does come back in a new season, and accordingly, darkness must yield to Light.

Indeed, when you see candles in the windows,  glitters at the doors, twinkles across the rooftops, you know it is Light – shining in the darks, so as to bring forth joy and wisdom in you and your world. You can’t miss it.

Best of all, you have your own Light. It is the magic in you. Undeniably real. Your real magic is your Light –  in your shining eyes, your beaming smile, your blissful touch. This is the Light you are. You. Be the Light, unquestionably spooling and weaving your happy – your joy – fun – laughing – and your love.

No matter how dark. You. Be the season of Light.

It is who you are.

It’s the reason for the season!

Light On!