Patsie McCandless – Author, Artist, Imaginator:

Guiding YOU:

To be healthy-happy. Your body needs Tender Loving Care.

You know worry and stress compromise your Immune system.

So pivot away from fear stories or dread statistics.

Physically move out of that negative energy.

Go to a window, or go outdoors, look to the open sky…

Your Light is helping you

CHOOSE new thoughts, new words:

I am filling my heart, my lungs, my bones with Healthy-Happy…

I love me – and I have lots of Love to share…

You know – your Light is Guiding You.


Come take my hand -You know me
Lighting your heart, your mind – gentle and kind
I’ll be guiding you…

Light On!

Song: Magic, Songwriters: John Farrar, Olivia Newton-John