Light Lessons with Patsie McCandless: Keep Your Light On!

Patsie McCandless – Author, Artist, Imaginator


Why Empowering yourself is awe-inspiring

Empowering yourself means to give power to YOU, to make you stronger and more confident. How do we empower ourselves? Empower yourself with your inner Light shining on everything in your life. Shining your Light is awe-inspiring, because Light always disperses the deep tangles of dark.

It does take practice.

Make a habit of giving yourself the power to take control of your Light. It pays off, in learning and knowing that you can do it: you can keep your Light On! And you will find what you’re looking for, even in the dark.

It is dark out there.

Be Aware

By 5 o’clock, December is so dark, you feel you could just slide into bedtime. But there may be a lot of dark surrounding your inner life, of which you may not be aware.

Your Energy

Remember, you are Light. It is who you are. The active verb of the stuff of stars. That means you are Energy.

What Are You Plugged Into?

So, what have you plugged your Energy into? Are you plugged into outlets that scare you with anxious stories? Do you watch worrisome screen images, and follow depressing statistics? Then you’re plugged into the darks. No empowerment there.

Give yourself permission and authority to let go of what does not serve you, and take control of your own life – your own Light – with the following 3 steps.

Three Steps to Take Control

Step 1: UNPLUG

Turn off every screen: phone, computer, TV, for a certain time period every day. Feel empowered by giving yourself permission to disconnect from the invasive world of media. Yes, you take control. It is your life, not someone else, feeding you all the activities and beliefs of their life.

In Becoming Jesse, he has no TV, no phone, no car, and no technology of any kind. Golly, what does he do all day? He shines – shines as children do. Children can teach us a lot, as, like Jesse, they love what they are doing in their now-moments: filling their days with play, games, books, puzzles, music, imagining, dreaming, planning, celebrating – with their Light On! That could be you!



You enable yourself, by putting aside 15 to 30 minutes – maybe an hour – just for you. Give yourself the gift of the Present Moment, perhaps meditating or journaling, or sitting quietly listening to classical or contemplative music.

Try to do it at the same time every day.

Manifest Your Intentions

Keep a journal for this ‘You-time’. Writing your thoughts is a powerful way to help manifest your intentions. And as a bonus, write your own mantra to keep in your pocket; for example, Becoming Jesse’s lesson on the Rule of Tongue: “May all the words on my tongue taste delicious!” Or… “I am fine. So fine. All is well… and so it is.”


Clear the Air

Clear the space – the air – around you. Stop telling the bad stories – the “Ain’t it Awful stories!” They only serve to close your mind and distract you from what is available to you right under your nose – inside you! Those stories do not belong to you.

Tell a New Story

Permit yourself to tell a new story. Your story: filled with your creative possibilities, your imaginings, your plans. Create your own wide-open world where you live in the delight of “What’s next?”


Give yourself the green-light – GO – with a tip from Becoming Jesse. When he was in a dark feisty-dreg of gloom, he noticed his crayon drawings of the mad face and the happy face – outlined by the words, “You Choose”. Taking a deep breath, he spun on his foot, telling himself, “I choose! I pivot! I want my happy Light!”

You always choose – you decide – in every thought and every word. Then, your actions follow from there. Choose to think and speak and act with your Light On!

A CLASSIC EXAMPLE:  A Christmas Carol

This reminds me that Becoming Jesse culminates in a theater production of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. I am thinking of  the exceptional “Spirit of Christmas Present”, a glorious giant, who carried a glowing torch of Light in the shape of a cornucopia. The powerful Light of the cornucopia found the Light of human goodness, even in the darkest places.

Disempowering Darkness

As Scrooge and the Spirit  traveled across the world, they witnessed what first appeared to be a bleak, disempowering darkness: in the deep gloom of miners – and lonely, isolated lighthouse keepers  – also, sailors, ship-borne on a black and heaving sea.

Dynamic, Empowering Light

Yet beyond question, there was always a dynamic, empowering Light, shining there – within each man – and among them all. They became utterly luminous as each moment of cornucopia Light wore on, for they hummed a tune, or fancied a hopeful thought, or spoke a kinder word, or shared a mood of humor and good cheer.

Inevitably, the dark disappeared. It could not stand – it could not endure – counter to the Light.


Remember, it takes practice to empower yourself.

Christmas is coming. There may be many things you are looking for, yet you doubt they will come to you.

So, practice these 3 steps to empower your inner Light – and you will feel more enabled every day: stronger, more satisfied, and more committed to yourself – and consequently all others around you. You will find your dreams… your longings… even in the dark.

Power by the hour!

Light On!