Light Lessons with Patsie McCandless: Inspiration to Connect

Light Lessons: Inspiration to Connect

Inspiration to connect is already within you. For you are a full, magnificent circle of Love and Light, endlessly intertwining with more and more circles of inspiration.

“Inspiration” comes from the Latin – in spirare – to breathe into. You breath into your connections. You – singular and plural – all connected… breathing… inspiring, intertwining, in endless, connected circles. No beginnings. No endings. Simply fastened and fused within your breathing.

You are always connected.

Like the Light you are, you are always connected. Stephen Sondheim, the legendary Broadway composer, knew this inspiration – even when you go deep Into the Woods:

“Maybe you forgot now – You are not alone – No one is alone.

Hard to see the light now. – Just don’t let it go.

Things will come out right now – We can make it so.

Just remember: Deciding what’s right – It’s you – your Light.

You are not alone.”

You are inspiration in one circle, within endlessly connected circles.

Your connection must begin with you. Illuminated, inspired you.

Breathe in your inspiration. Let it come full circle into your most loving, compassionate self. You are the person you want to connect with first.

When you find comfort spending time with you – inspired to connect with your inner self – a most amazing thing begins to happen: others – people who might seem to come out of the woodwork – want to spend time with you, too.

That’s how it works: you show up – in all your inspiration, your connected glory – and you find that others show up right there along side you. Intertwining circles. Connected.

Inspired connections begin with you. That comfort feeling. That caring, tender, warm-hearted feeling of being and becoming delightful you. Then you are a magnet, drawing more and more inspired circles of inspired connection all around you.

A Classic Example

There is a time in Becoming Jesse when he feels lost, forsaken, alone, and makes mistakes – terrible mistakes – falling into uncertain jeopardy.

Yet that is the very moment when he feels his inspiration. He knows: he is not alone. Jesse knows he is connected – in his Circle of Love. And that is the moment when his Circle of real, loving people shows up – to pull him out of the deep darks.

         His young uncle, Conor, blinked away his tears and said in a thick voice, “Jesse, you have so many Circles of Love around you. Starting inside of you… and from the Great Illuminations, you have your mother, Jane, and father, James – Dearie and Pa… and Dearie’s Da and Mam. All loving you.” He gestured, “And right here, you and I are another Love Circle. And Mac and Bridget. And Liam’s family. Every family in these apartments. Each one, another Circle of Love.”

         Jesse looked at Conor, “I think the circles keep moving out and out. And I think I moved out and out. I saw my Lights. And I knew it was Dearie. I felt her shining.” Jesse nodded, “I saw everyone, like stars. Shining.”


Be Inspired to Connect

We are all in this together – we earthlings – dabbling in our life experiences – our experiments! Breathe life into yours – in every inspiration, every connection. Feel connected. Savor connections. Breathe them in. Feel soothed and soothing. Peaceful. Knowing.

Yes, you are always connected, just as your Light is always on. How bright is your connection? Keep inspiration alight and you will  brilliantly connect in more and more of your Circle of Lights. Your Circles of Love.

Expect – Connect!