In my novel, Becoming Jesse, old Mac gives little Jesse a special traveling coin, and says,

“…it always brought me the best of luck.”

Jesse was confused. “But you – and Dearie – always told me, There is no luck.”

“Oh, right-cha are. Right-cha are. But, you see, this is a special kind of luck. This is the kind of luck that helps you remember, helps you feel, and know that – All is Well. All is Well.”

Jesse smiled and added, “And so it is!”


I feel lucky… oh-oh-ohhhh – I feel LUCKY! Yeah!
I think I’ll flip a coin I’m a winner either wa-a-a-y.
Hot Dog! I feel lucky toda-a-ay.

May you keep your Luck and your Light On!

Light On!

Song: “I Feel Lucky”, Don Schlitz / Mary Carpenter / Mary Chapin Carpenter