Light Lessons - Patsie McCandless: "Christmas Star"

“Christmas Star”

“Christmas Star” – like a true gift –  it can be seen in an exceptionally rare astronomical event, taking place on December 21  – our Winter Solstice!

If you look into the sunset horizon, you will see a Light that looks like a brilliant “Christmas Star”. Actually, it is the close alignment of the planets Saturn and Jupiter.  They appear as one. In the South West sky – on the shortest day of the year. Together, they look like the majestic “Christmas Star” of old!

This alignment of Saturn and Jupiter has not happened since 1226AD – over 800 years! And before that, it was since the birth of Christ. This astonishing phenomenon is what the world knows as the Star of Bethlehem… or the “Christmas Star”.  A Winter Solstice Star, full of hope and inspiration.

Christmas Star Light

Starlight reminds us that we are the stuff of stars! Scienctists, poets and philosophers have long told us that stars and humans are made up of the same atoms. (Of course there is the joke: Never trust an ATOM – they make up everything!)

Giggle-snickens notwithstanding – when we raise our eyes to the stars we feel a special thrill! I believe it is because we are resonating with the twinkling starLight. We may feel it hushed and still, but it is there. Always. And the Light of this special Winter Solstice “Christmas Star” resonates to inspire each of us.

Science and Star Light

Light – including starlight – is much like water, for the same principle of magnetic attraction. Do you know why a slightly damp sponge absorbs liquid better than a totally dry one? It is because the water molecules are attracted to each other. So when you press a moist  sponge against a spill, the water moves faster, to bind with the other water molecules. It is the ‘sticky’ property of water.

Light works in the same way. When you are out at twilight, your eyes find a star – and another star! Look! Another star! Light attracts more Light. And this “Christmas Star” is magnificently reflecting and shining its own beautiful Light  – and attracting our own beautiful Light.

My Own Light

 When I Am in the Company of Stars

by Patsie McCandless

When I am in the company of stars,

the extraordinary glitters, glimmers, flashes, flickers,

matched by the glints, the gleams and the winks,

they touch such intimates of deLIGHT!

In the Light of this “Christmas Star”,

I am within the Hope of myself.

I feel a tenderheartedness,

to linger longer in this time and space…

to tread slowly, with eyes raised.

For, wherever the stars rustle through the heavens,

they Hallelujah: Here you are!

Starlight flows through the dark yonders,

rejoicing anew: Here you are!  

You chose! To be – to thrive – to joy!

An earthling – who knows how

to glitter and gleam!

To Light the stars!


Every Star

How do you find that opening? That crack, that let’s the Light in? Especially in the daytime when there are no shining stars.

Remember that our SUN is a star! Our closest star! Beaming and gleaming upon us all… even in the Winter Solstice – the shortest daylight-sun of the year.

So, you find your Light in the same way you watch for the “Christmas Star”. Open your eyes and look! Shine your Light on the human beings everywhere. Look into another human being – into their eyes. Try it. You will be amazed. For, your eyes are the windows of your soul, connected to your heart. Let out your Light and you will find more Light – in others. Atom by atom. It is all waiting. One tiny Light connection. It’s a start. Your start. Particularly inspired by the “Star of Christmas”.

Wishes in the Christmas Star

When the evening stars emerge, watch for this year’s “Christmas Star”. May you summon your Light and hold it in your heart, to know the Light of who you are… that your Light may guide you with grace, bringing faith – knowing – belief – that you are safe… and loved beyond the beyond.

Blessings and wishes for a beautiful Christmas and a fresh new year filled with Happy- Healthy. Surely filled with Inspirations of Hope. In every star. Especially this “Christmas Star”.

By far, you are the greatest star!