Patsie McCandless

Light Stick

Patsie McCandless holding the light stick

LIGHT – our everyday magic

I believe we are Light.
We are born with it. It’s our magic.

You see it in smiling eyes – especially in babies and children.
Children are always inviting their magic! And how they Light up!

Let me show you your Light.

Patsie McCandless holding a light stick

This is my Light Stick.
You can see inside: the little lights – and there is a little battery in there.

But the intrigue is that there is no plug – no outlet – no switch – no button.

There is only one way to turn on the Lights:
And that is with the Light within.
Our real Human electric energy.

So when I hold one end – and another Human holds the other end –
Oh… there is no Light.
But there is a very good reason for that.

It takes our FULL Human Connection. Our FULL CIRCLE!

Patsie McCandless holding a light stick

Yes. The Lights go ON!
It may take you by surprise because it is not a trick. This is REAL.

And my metaphor – for the bond between Parents and Children – is:

If you let go… … the Light goes OUT.

Patsie McCandless holding a light stick

So never let go of your Light.

Always know your Light… and keep it forever shining bright.


Photos courtesy of
* Alessandra
* Kate Helmers –
The Kate Helmers Show – Stepping Forward with Kate – Los Angeles CA

Patsie McCandless