New Year Resolutions 2021

New Year Resolutions 2021

New Year Resolutions in 2021 feel extra special, as everyone wants to start afresh. Everyone wants the promise of ‘new’. And resolutions are the promises you make to yourself, to help you glitter with your Light in a brand spanking New Year.

Yesterday morning, we had a glitter that was hard to miss! An amazing snowfall, with big fat snowflakes lazily falling from the quiet gray-white sky. Within minutes, a sweeping cape of white crystals frosted everything in sight! Simply gorgeous!

It was a new look – a new Light shining everywhere! It felt like this New Year 2021 – shining such glittering intentions everywhere! Like New Year Resolutions!

A New Year to Thrive in Positive Emotions

Resolutions thrive on positive emotions, and everyone would agree that New Year Resolutions 2021 can use all the ‘positive’ we can give them!

Resolutions channel the potent energy – the glitters – of your inner Light. It all shines through your mindfulness, your intentions and your resolve, flowing right along into your health and happiness.

There are plenty of scientific studies telling you what you already know for sure: that positive emotions are the underpinnings for better health, longer life, and greater well-being.

After this past year of isolations, you are also well aware that the negative emotions, like chronic anger, worry, and depression increase the risk of developing any illness. (For example, negative feelings raise blood pressure and tighten blood vessels, pre-paving the body for heart disease.)

But keeping positive, we look and hope for change in this New Year. Let’s do it with serenity – in easy-please-y, meaningful resolutions. This is the way!

How to Begin

Creating new habits takes your energy and time. So take your plucky new resolution – whatever it is – and treat it like you are wishing on a star or dreaming of your heart’s desire. Make a decision. Be positive. Be easy. And eager. Have fun.

5 Steps toward your New Year Resolution

#1 Before you resolve, Ask Yourself:

How do I want to feel? What energy am I looking to create? Am I making this resolution because I’m scared of not having something – and negatively anxious about a lack of some thing? Or am I wishing to move toward my dream – positively supporting my desire? Can I see myself living in this change a month from now? A year?

#2 – Your Resolution is all about You:

Resolve to make it about YOU – feeling better, happier, healthier. Set yourself up with your own compassion for YOU. The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time! This is your secret for Change. Enjoying the positive leads you to feeling – being – more flexible and buoyant. Find your positive thoughts. They lead you to positive actions. And positive actions lead you to your positive character. You. Change.

#3 – Why this Resolution?

Ask yourself “WHY” you want this. Find the purpose and meaning behind this new promise to yourself. Hum and resonate with it until it feels clear and true. When it feels valid and significant, you will already feel yourself stepping up – tread by tread – away from negative experiences. You will leave the negative in your dust. No more struggle, strain, exhaustion, discouragement, or being torn in too many directions.

#4 – As you contemplate your Resolution, Breathe!

Oh yeah! That thing we humans do! Well, yes, do breathe! Breathe deeply. Slowly. Breathe in a mantra (I love my Light). Breathe out a mantra (I shine my Light). Anytime you feel unsteady, hit your pause button and breathe, breathe, breathe.

#5 – Put your Everyday Magic into your Resolution:

Find your magic. The magic heart of the child is within you. I noticed this all through the holidays, as I watched the children at play. Undeniably, they know how to row their boat downstream, with the flow – and merrily, merrily (!) they find that life is a dream!

Life is full of opportunities, possibilities. It is your energy – your Light – that shines with your magic. Celebrate your everyday magic! Y our Light!

In Closing:

As you plan out your New Year’s Resolutions, take time to reflect on these thoughts every day. You will feel a clarity warming your mind, your heart, your soul.

Next week, look for 7 easy-please-y steps to be in the process of change. The process of your new intentions – your new resolutions – for a truly new YOU in a truly New Year!

Good Cheer for the New Year!