Resolution for Positive Change

Positive Change in Your Life

Positive change in your life begins with a promise to yourself. That is what a resolution is: your pledge -your dedication to yourself. Before you do anything, sit with yourself. Consider. Review. Reflect.

Remember, everything is energy. What better way to move energy than in a positive change in your life? Be clear. Clarity helps you create just that energy. Then resolve – determine – to make your energy create. Let go of the old habits of pick-pick-picking apart, or thinking you have to put-up with something, or that you must do without something. You are not here to struggle and endure. You are here to thrive and revel in your harmonies.

Appreciate your song! Your positive-change melody! As you begin to feel generous with yourself, look for – and stick with – the positive qualities. Don’t get caught up in any negative conversations… no matter how much a topic may pump up your adrenaline. This all about positive changes in YOU… for YOU.

Take your Resolution Step-By-Step

  1. Now – make your Wish for positive change in your life:

Go ahead! Make a great big fat positive wish! Dream BIG! Feel it! A dream that is energized – powerful – enthralling! Feel your eagerness, your enthusiasm! After all, do you really only want a little taste of your dream? Or does your heart sing with the thought of the whole kit-and-caboodle!


  1. Take-up your Resolution and Break-It-Down:

Positive change in your life can feel like a pipe dream. Actually, I like to think of, resolutions as intentions that go dreaming. But, how do you make yours a reality? One-step-at-a-time. You want to keep your eager enthusiasm bubbling. Make it fun! Start off easy. Really easy. Walk, don’t run. Make a fun, funny easy-please-y list. For example, step #1 might be as simple as: I’m going to stop saying “should”. Instead, I’ll say, “I’d rather…” Simple! And you get to check off that first box easy-please-y!


  1. Revisit WHY you want positive change in your life:

Keep your intentions specifically focused on why you want positive change in your life. In your pocket, keep a mantra – or a small stone, or jewelry piece that represents your resolution. Hold your token and breathe, and say your mantra – out loud, or inside your head – your heart – your soul. It’s like a mini-meditation. (Ex. – “I am a miracle. I am behaving like one!”


  1. Journal your Intentions:

Write down your dream – wish – desire – resolution. Whatever you want to call the positive change for your life.. Don’t know what to write? Start by just writing it down. Then write it over and over again – filling a page with your dream. Likewise, speak it to yourself– over and over again. You are changing the energy within you and around you. Like Feng Shui! In any case, don’t sit in the bad, ‘si’ energy. You are in charge. You design your ‘chi’ energy. Write it down.


  1. Revel in each success:

Celebrate the positive change in your life! Blue-Ribbon-You! In Becoming Jesse, Dearie says this to Jesse when he accomplishes one of the steps on his long, puzzling quest. So, yes! Acknowledge yourself! You are changing! The process of change is incremental – step-by-step. Cheer yourself onward and upward for each step! You deserve it!

Sometimes I tell our daughter to put on her tiara and revel in her steps taken, no matter how small! Change is Change! Furthermore, step-by-step, you can attract more change by reveling in your successes!


  1. A failed resolution step is still success!

You have been taught that when you fail it means you tripped – you slipped – backwards! Like the game of ‘Chutes and Ladders’! And now you have to climb out of your hole!

But that is not really true. Think of it as a hiccup. Make it a good time to stop and think about what is working for you – what has been turning out well for you. You are in the process of positive change. You are finding out what is effective in your life.

Maybe you need to shorten that long walk out of doors. Perhaps you need to drink more water. Possibly, you need to blast your favorite song and dance! Whatever –  you are certainly learning. Indeed, failure teaches you more about what you want to do.


  1. Positive change: be grateful for your Resolve:

Every day, emphatically thank yourself for your intentions. Your resolve to make this positive change in your life.

You are not supposed to be perfect! Perfection is for Paradise! You – Earthling – are supposed to have fun with this! Be Light. Breathe easy. Revel in the little things. Smile. Give and take compliments grace-full-ly. Remember, you are in process! The process of change, with your new intentions – your new resolutions – for a truly New YOU in a truly New Year!

Arrange your change!

Light On!