You Can Stop Negative Thought: Light lessons

Stop Negative Thought

You can stop negative thoughts. You have the power to change anxious, defeatist images, impressions, or conversations that buzz through your brain like endlessly looping movie trailers.

Musing on this subject, I wrote in my journal:

“Tread softly

into your silence…

into your Light energies.




Your soul is speaking

to your heart.”

Be Aware

This is the path you can take when you are faced with those rankling, frenetic thoughts. The first step to stop negative thought is to realize that you are in a very narrow place, with a very limited perspective. It’s like a deep, narrow well. You can’t see much of anything – except the walls of the negative thought.

Replace – with Fresh Energies

It is very important to physically move away from whatever place you are thinking and creating these negative thoughts. Go to another room, stand at a window, or better yet, go outdoors. This is a form of physically pivoting away from the pessimistic energy, allowing you to stand in fresh, flowing new energies.

Once you are in a new physical place, Breathe! Take deep, slow breaths. Then, do something physical to accompany it. You can simply rub your hands together, or massage your temples, or snap your fingers, or bend your knees and pick up your feet. The exercise of physical movement helps to stop negative thought by distracting your mind.

Antidote to negative thought: Wonderment and Reverence

Negative thought confines you by emphasizing your problems. Free yourself from that trap, and stop the negative thought by experiencing a moment – or two or three(!) – of wonderment.

Look for something that is bigger than you. You can easily find something that uplifts and inspires: sunlight pouring through a window, the gorgeosity of a sunset… sunrise… moonrise. The first star that twinkles in the velvet twilight. The trill of a songbird, the hoot of an owl. Tree branches silhouetted against an impossibly blue sky. It is a feeling of reverence, much like a prayer.

In these moments, you are swept away into a timeless place of quiet amazement and deep appreciation. It is a feeling of grandeur, where there is no place for your narrow, negative thoughts. You find your body and mind, your heart and soul in a state of serenity. When you experience this, carry it with you – repeating the image or a few words to describe it – so that your mind is filled with a vision of wonder.

Picture Positive Success

Turn your mind toward stories of success.  For example, in the last 100 years, the earth has lived through World Wars, the Depression, and a global Spanish Flu. Yet, people withstood the challenges, even transcended the daily trials and tribulations.

My mother-in-law is almost 100 years old, and  still going strong. She lived through those world events and more, and tells the stories of her life with deep gratitude, love and lots of laughter. She is one of the people who got on with life, helped and supported one another, and survived. You can, too.

Follow a Hero’s Journey

Talking to others too often results in more wringing of hands and ‘Ain’t it awful’ stories. Stop negative thought by staying away from that.

Instead, try this fun and fascinating idea: consider the Hero’s Journey. Think of an ordinary earthling, off on an adventure, who is victorious in a crisis, and is transformed… expanded to a higher self. Whether from mythology, literature, movies or real life, a hero can tell you a lot about life’s challenges. Talk to the hero. What was the most important thing the hero had to remember? What did the hero do when doubt or worry tried to take over? How was the hero victorious? How did the journey transform the hero?

Listen to the hero, telling you how to sort this out, how to put it in perspective, and how to take your challenge to task. You can be the character, the plot and the action in a positive – and fun – way of talking yourself up and out of that old negative well!

Use Mantras and Quotations

Transcend the negative buzz with powerful positive words that rise above it all.

“Whether I think I can or think I cannot – either way – I’m right.” (Henry Ford) He knew – it’s always up to you – and you always have a choice.

Martin Luther King: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Maya Angelou: “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Dale Carnegie:“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all.”

Helen Keller: “All the world is full of suffering – and full of overcoming.”

Melt Negative Thought with a Token of Calm or a Song

Keep a small token – a small stone or shell or piece of jewelry – in your pocket or on a necklace or bracelet. Let your fingers hold it as you repeat your mantra.

Have a positive song or jingle to sing. Just a few lines can do the trick. I enjoy The Sunny Side of the Street: Life’s sweet – just direct your feet to the sunny, sunny side of the street!

Final Positive Thoughts

Dream. Make a wish. Invite your light energies to come in and play with you! Be silent… and Listen to your inner voice… your soul.

Take just one idea to stop negative thought… and flow with that. Recall the serenity of moments. Turn off the tech devices, find a quiet place and time, and revel in the wonderment you find. Your mind and your heart will follow. And best of all, you can shine and share the positive with those you love.

Shine in your mind. Take part with your heart. Stroll with your soul.

Light On!