Blog: Saving the Magic of Childhood

Light Lessons: Guiding YOU

Patsie McCandless - Author, Artist, Imaginator: Guiding YOU: To be healthy-happy. Your body needs Tender Loving Care. You know worry and stress compromise your Immune system. So pivot away from fear stories or dread statistics. Physically move out of that negative energy. Go to a [...]

Light Lessons: Take a Chance

Patsie McCandless - Author, Artist, Imaginator: TAKE A CHANCE: When you are faced with something brand new, it can feel scary. But that’s just your habit energy talking. Habit Energy likes to feel comfy-cozy. Whereas CHANGE feels  - unexpected, unpredictable! And yet CHANGE is the [...]

Light Lessons: Enough

Patsie McCandless - Author, Artist, Imaginator: ENOUGH Are you surrounded by mountains of things? Stress-making things? Wondering how to stop? Stop - looking for the grass that only seems greener. Look at YOU -  and APPRECIATE little old YOU. YOU are more than enough! [...]

Light Lessons: Thank You

Two simple words, very often said out of habit, and very often said without giving a second thought. Yet the power of gratitude is undeniable. Maya Angelou once declared: “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” Song: Thank you very [...]