Blog: Saving the Magic of Childhood

Light Lessons: Inspiration to Connect

Light Lessons: Inspiration to Connect Inspiration to connect is already within you. For you are a full, magnificent circle of Love and Light, endlessly intertwining with more and more circles of inspiration. “Inspiration” comes from the Latin – in spirare – to breathe into. You breath into your connections. You - singular and [...]

Light Lessons: Halloween Lights

Patsie McCandless - Author, Artist, Imaginator: Halloween Lights: There is such Halloween fun in BECOMING JESSE, when, much like the Covid Virus today, a rainstorm kyboshes Trick-or-Treating. Yet Jesse finds more ways to have Halloween fun: like the Fun House Mirror – crazy – dizzying! [...]

Light Lessons: Surprise!

Patsie McCandless - Author, Artist, Imaginator: Surprise! Today I have a special format because I have a special SURPRISE! My Family Classic Novel – Becoming Jesse - is the winner of a national 2020 FAMILY CHOICE AWARD - a coveted, family friendly consumer award program, [...]

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