Light Lessons-Patsie McCandless: New Year Becoming

New Year Inspirations

Old Year – Looking Back with Inspiration:

New Year Inspirations can look back in the glow of memories from the Old Year, just as they look forward into the luminosity of your dreams for the New Year.

That is all because you have been becoming. Now, simply look back – into the glow of memories, because whatever you have experienced, encountered, explored in this past year, you have been BECOMING.

Emphatically, the negative and positive aspects have served you well. After all, you are still here! Even adverse elements inspired you – at the same time they challenged you. Now, take the time to clearly see the buoyant, the favorable, the positives that made your life a productive one, even in the smallest of things.

When you look back, you particularly realize: Oh, it is all Good! Then your memories from the past year can glow with the Good – as you see, and feel, and know: the negative served to make you look for the positive! And the positive attributes that you did live… indeed, made your Light shine bright.

New Year Inspiration to Look Forward:

You are still becoming. Aye. So look forward into the luminosity of your dreams because you are… becoming… more Light… more inspiration.

Just what the world needs right now.

Luminous you, shining your beacon of Light in love, laughter, joy. The moment you open a door, it is your Light shining through, and everyone who comes near you feels your Light. Undeniable. Every one knows it – appreciates it – loves it – is inspired by it.

You are an extraordinary story: thinking, talking, learning, laughing, crying, confused, sorting, loving, appreciating! You are BECOMING: the inspired story of you.

Now you stand on the brink of a new year – a new canvas – waiting for you. This is a good year to BE the inspiration: to grow and cultivate, nurture and thrive… to BECOME – You!

Becoming New Inspirations:

Now. Inspire yourself! Straightaway, set your intentions. Make your plans. Draw your map. You have a journey ahead of you. Waiting in new experiences, new encounters, new explorations.

It does not matter what you think may be going on around you. You get to do it all.

Imagine – solve problems – communicate – form new connections – gain a deeper understanding of your feelings and emotions (and most importantly, your ability to control them). Ultimately, you can learn to act and react to everything around you, in a way that serves you – and serves your Light.

It is all waiting for you! With your Light on!

Accepting New Year Inspirations:

How does it feel to BECOME? How does it feel to be you – an earthling, becoming something new?

Undeniably, you feel sparks and pulses of enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, joy, appreciation. It is your pure positive energy. It is joy. And it transforms you. Your life.

Your Power:

You are undoubtedly more powerful than you recognize. And here you are – now – with a whole new year before you: 365 days of new ahead of you. There are surprises in there. And blessings. Waiting for you. Dip your toe in – get a feel for it. Wade into the river of your Light.

My wish:

In that river, may You fall in love with You. May you shine your Light with new enthusiasms, new persistence, new zeal, new purpose. May you let that love carry you into new rivers of joy that transform your life with new health and new happiness. Surprisingly, it is all You… BECOMING… your extraordinary story… your everyday magic! May you discover everything you are looking for in New Year Inspirations, right inside yourself!

You’ve got 2021 Vision!

Light On!