Why are Hugs so important?

The Power of Hugs

The power of hugs slather us with Love. It is our human touch, wrapping about our bodies, yes… and our hearts, for sure. Hugs are like a grand rubber band, stretching around us all. We bounce and slide and fall into each other, knowing we are profoundly connected. Giving and receiving.

“Jesse liked their love-hug,

holding him in their little circlef Love.”

And there is more! Scientists have conducted studies showing that the Power of a Hug supports our mental, emotional and physical well-being. When you hug someone, it relaxes muscles, increases circulation and releases endorphins, such as dopamine and serotonin, which can boost your mood.

Releasing the “love hormone”

A hug can release a hormone into the body that can actually lift your mood. The hormone is known as Oxytocin – or the “love hormone”.

“Jesse felt like hugging himself, he was so delirious.

Dearie delirious!”

Oxytocin is the scientific reason why a hug feels so good… and a loving embrace can actually diminish depression.

Reducing stress

Cortisol is a hormone that scientists know causes stress in the body. Hugs are an antidote to cortisol, actually lowering cortisol levels. This results in lower levels of stress and reduced tension.

Thwarting illness

Hugging protects people from infection and illness linked to stress (Carnegie Mellon 2014). And even better, if you are already sick, a hug reduces your symptoms. Hugs can even help soothe aches and pains.


A hug can make you feel like everything will be okay. When you embrace someone who is experiencing difficulty, the benefit is compelling. A loving hug can make you feel safe and protected. It can comfort, calm and reassure…

“Liam put his arm around Billy and hugged him close.

Billy hugged his daddy. And hung on. Tight.

Billy had his daddy back.”

A hug is really like child’s play – uncomplicated and straightforward. It can help bring you back into balance. It can celebrate… and forgive. For instance, when our words are stuck, a hug speaks for us, because after a hug, it is so much easier to say, “I’m sorry.”

All kinds of hugs

Sometimes, a hug is a simple, soft pat on the back. Whereas, a belly hug – from behind – is downright giddy. A bear-hug lifts and envelops and gasps! A whirling hug – around and around in circles – is fizzy. A Good Morning hug is a jubilation rising. A Good Night hug is a soft slumber.

There are long-lasting hugs, a kiss-and-a-hug, and group hugs. All hugs say the same thing: you are not alone – you are one of us – I’m here – I love you.

Hugs can also come as a glorious surprise. We were not expected at our Grands’ home, and they were so amazed, they came running out the door to greet us – and Oh! The hugs! Fun, funny, laughing, loving, surprising hugs!

Hugging Now

Hug whenever you can. If you cannot hug, it is more important than ever, to picture and imagine you and your loved ones hugging together. Picture any kind of hug you like. Feel the humming Love. Then send your thrumming, intoxicating, irresistible HUG to them.

Imagine your hug like a prayer – from deep within your heart and soul – arcing like a rainbow through the airwaves – and finding its home. Giving and receiving. This is your real magic – wrapped in a hug.

Hug snug!

Light On!